Swedish Agency for marine and water management (SWAM)

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Swedish Agency for marine and water management (SWAM) is the national entity responsible for marine, and surface water and fisheries management in Sweden. We are responsible for measures programmes, guidance and assessments of these management areas. The agency is responsible for the implementation of the Water framework and the Marine directives, as well as for the implementation of the Common fisheries policy. The main SWAM office is situated in Göteborg, Sweden.



Function Head of unit, Research and environmental objectives  Mats Svensson
Division Division of Science affairs, SWAM
Phone +46 6986374
Areas of expertise Water management, marine and maritime management, Water measures programmes, Water framework directive, System analysis, ecosystem services, water modelling, water systems, pollutants, research programmes.
Role in Water JPI activities

Governing Board representative - voting member
Joint Calls: Partner
Alignment: Partner
SRIA: In forthcoming: Partner
International Cooperation: Partner
Communication: Partner


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