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The National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) is the oldest and most prestigious educational institution of Greece in the field of technology, and has contributed unceasingly to the country's scientific, technical and economic development since its foundation in 1836. The Laboratory of Hydrology and Water Resources Management was founded in 1998 as one of the four Laboratories of the Department of Water Resources, Hydraulic & Maritime Engineering, which belongs to the School of Civil Engineering of the NTUA. The research team of the Laboratory of Hydrology & Water Resources Management, headed by Prof. Maria Mimikou, is actively involved in the study of water resources and related hydraulic works, and the study of the aquatic environment in general.
It is a leading laboratory in the field of inland waters’ management on national scale, maintaining its own regional monitoring network, analysing hydrometeorological data, building and managing databases, conducting basic research, providing consulting services, and being actively involved in the implementation of the WFD. The Laboratory of Hydrology and Water Resources Management has participated in numerous EU funded projects as partners or as coordinator. Selective mentions: ETC/ICM (EEA), EPI-WATER, FLADAR (FP7), i-adapt (DG ENV), OpenMI-LIFE (LIFE), SPI-WATER (FP6), HarmonIT, Harmoniqua, Euroharp (FP5), CADSEALAND, HYDROCARE, FLOODMED (INTERREG III), ENRICH, CHESS, EUROTAS (DG XII), EU Networks: EurAqua, ERA.NET – IWRM.NET, FLAPP, EXCIFF. It is worth mentioning that it has many times served as the key consultant of the Hellenic Ministry for the Environment, Physical Planning & Public Works in the area of integrated water resources management, linking the scientific knowledge to the development of related policies, helping bridge gaps in the implementation, and developing training activities and workshops. It is also called by the Ministry to provide comments and suggestions on the Water Framework and Flood Directives. Finally, the Laboratory has already established relations with many EU countries and non-EU through past activities and collaborations in projects in the field of water resources and can facilitate transferring of principals and sharing of common knowledge.
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Role in Water JPI activities Governing Board representative - observer

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