Ministry of Energy of Israel (MoE-IL)

Funding Agency and Programme Owner and Manager

The Ministry of Energy of Israel (MoE-IL), is responsible for the supply and management of energy and the natural resources of the country: electricity, fuels, natural gas, energy conservation, water, sewage, oil & gas exploration, minerals and ores excavation.
The Chief Scientist Office in the Ministry provides the scientific and technological support and support the Ministry policymaking. The Chief Scientist Office encourages the development of knowledge and expertise in relevant fields by promoting R&D activities in the Israeli academia and industry through multiple R&D support programs, as described below.

  1. Basic Research: The MoE-IL supports research programs in the Academy and Governmental Research Institutes, in predefined research fields. These research programs demonstrate new concepts and ideas, with applicable horizon.
  2. STARTERGY- Start-Up fund: The Ministry has established this funding scheme in order to support entrepreneurs in reaching proof of concept/prototype stage, so that they can raise private funding. The fund grants up to 62.5% of a project budget, with support of maximum 125K€.
  3. Pilot and Demonstration Fund: It supports companies in scaling their innovative products to full production deployment. The fund grants up to 50% of a project budget, with support of maximum 300K€.




Function Earth and Marine Sciences Research Manager  Einat Magal
Division Chief Scientist Office
Email name.surname(at)
Phone +972-2-5316018
Areas of expertise Hydrogeology, Geochemistry, Artificial tracers
Role in Water JPI activities

Partner in the different types of activities:

  • Governing Board representative - voting member
  • Partner in the ERA-NET Cofund WaterWorks2014 and Waterworks2017
  • Partner in the CSA IC4WATER on “Supporting International Cooperation on Water”
  • Funding partner in the 2015 Joint Call and 2018 Joint Call.

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