Welcome to the website of the JPI on “Water challenges for a changing world” aiming to tackle the ambitious grand challenge of “Achieving sustainable water systems for a sustainable economy in Europe and abroad”. Water is vital and essential for a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Better results and optimization of public funds are obtained through the alignment of water research agendas and programmes at European and international level

 2018 Water JPI Workshop on Existing Impact Assessment Systems

 The Water JPI is working towards developing the guidelines for the impact assessment and evaluation of their joint activities. To progress this work, a workshop will take place on Tuesday 18th September 2018 in Vienna, Austria. Participation is on invitation only. The purpose of the workshop is to:

  • Revise examples of the application of different impact assessment systems
  • Obtain information for the implementation of an impact assessment system in the Water JPI
  • Progress in the definition of specific indicators for the evaluation of the Water JP

2018 Water JPI Workshop on Strategy for International Cooperation

The Water JPI, as part of its supporting EU-funded Coordination Support Action IC4Water, is looking at opportunities to develop a common strategy for International Cooperation with other European Initiatives. To progress this work, a workshop will be held on Wednesday 19th September 2018 in Vienna.

This first workshop, on invitation only, is targeted at the other International Initiatives (e.g. FACCE-JPI, PRIMA), policy-makers and other relevant stakeholders to discuss the current State of Play of International Cooperation and exchange views and share experiences to identify common barriers as well as common practices.

More information.

10 Years of Joint Programming

Event organised within the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the European Union

As part of the development of the next EU Framework Programme (Horizon Europe), the role of Joint Programming Initiatives is under discussion. Based on the experiences of the ten JPIs and their recently presented long-term visions and strategies, the conference will focus on their role and contribution to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and implement mission-oriented programmes in Horizon Europe. The agenda is therefore built upon the following issues:

  • Reflect the experiences of JPIs in establishing mission-oriented / challenge driven R&I programmes against future requirements of the ERA and Horizon Europe
  • Position the JPIs has hubs for coordinating the partnership landscape in the respective areas
  • Present a common position of the ten JPIs regarding the next development phase
  • Discuss the future role of JPIs in FP9 and with regard to international policies, in particular Sustainable Development Goals

The event, planned in Vienna on 20 September 2018, is targeting GPC, ERAC, European Commission, National Representatives, and Research Organisations. One occasion for the Water JPI chair to present the Joint Public-Private Action Plan on Water.

At this occasion, the ten JPIs will publish a declaration on how to drive research and innovation to address global challenges.

10 years joint programming

Water JPI Advisory Boards renewal

The Water JPI is assisted in its work by two groups of advisors who sit on the Water JPI Advisory Boards; a Scientific and Technological Board (STB) and a Stakeholders Advisory Group (SAG). Our Advisory Boards are due for renewal in 2018. The Governing Board approved twelve organisations nominated to participate in the SAG, including the FAO, GWRC, OECD and UN-Water. With respect to the STB, five members were retained for a further 1-year period from Spring 2018 in order to create an overlap between the outgoing and incoming advisory boards. The Governing Board selected five new experts to serve on the STB. More information are available here. The first meeting of the Water JPI new Advisory Boards will take place on the 26th September 2018 in Dublin, Ireland.

Updating the Water JPI SRIA

We are currently updating the Water JPI Strategic Research and innovation Agenda (SRIA 2.0) and we need your input. To submit your proposed Research and Development Needs/Gaps to the SRIA, please complete the Online Template available here

For background information:

WWater JPI SRIA 2.0ater JPI SRIA 2.0

This publication sets out specific RDI priorities or areas where RDI measures are highly recommended within five main themes. It will be implemented during the period 2016-2019.


An introduction Water JPI SRIA

An Introduction to the Water JPI SRIA

Short version of the Water JPI Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda.
Read more about the identified research priorities for the future.


Water JPI key achievements 2011-2016

This publication presents the ten main goals achieved by the initiative till now.



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