Welcome to the website of the JPI on “Water challenges for a changing world” aiming to tackle the ambitious grand challenge of “Achieving sustainable water systems for a sustainable economy in Europe and abroad”. Water is vital and essential for a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Better results and optimization of public funds are obtained through the alignment of water research agendas and programmes at European and international level.

ERA-NET Cofund WaterWorks 2015 call pre-announcement

The ERA-NET Cofund initiative WaterWorks2015, a collaboration of Water JPI and FACCE JPI, will set up a programme on sustainable water use in agriculture to increase water use efficiency and reduce soil and water pollution. This theme is common to the Strategic Research Agendas of the two collaborating JPIs.

The call is expected to open on 16.2.2016 with a closing date for pre-proposals on 19.4.2016.

Funders from 23 countries have allocated initial national call contributions of in total approximately 18 M€ from National funds plus 7.9 M€ EU top up will generate a call budget of in total over 26 M€.

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See also: first Water JPI calls on « emerging contaminants » and « wastewater treatment and reuse »

To facilitate networking & collaboration, the Water JPI has set up a Discussion Forum on LinkedIn: “Water JPI - Researchers Forum

Towards the new version of the SRIA

After the 2nd consultative workshop about the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda, improvements of the text are ongoing to better clarify the target and scope of the document.
The SRIA 2.0 will be officially presented in Rome on 19 May 2016.
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Second Call for Proposals within Waterworks 2014 WaterWorks2014

The aim of the WaterWorks 2014 Cofunded Call is to enable transnational, collaborative research, development and innovation projects on the topic: Research and Innovation for Developing Technological Solutions and Services:
• for Water Treatment, Reuse, Recycling and Desalination
• for Water Resources Management;
• to Mitigate Impacts of Extreme Events (Floods and Droughts) at Catchment Scale.

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  Update on evaluation

The seven Pilot Call projects

The projects FRAME, MOTREM, PROMOTE, METAWATER, PERSIST, StARE, TRACE on “Emerging water contaminants – anthropogenic pollutants and pathogens” are funded for their scientific quality, the competence of the researchers involved, their societal impact.

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Water Projects Database   Water JPI Partners and Observers SRIA - Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda
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The WATER JPI is a relevant structure for Horizon 2020

External advice to the development and the implementation of Horizon 2020 is provided according to the EC COM 494 2013
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