Launch of the BiodivRestore’s Knowledge Hub

The launch of the Knowledge Hub (KH) took place on a dedicated meeting on the 30th and 31st May in Paris, back-to-back to the Biodiversa+ dialogue event on restoration. The KH gathers 52 experts, selected after a process initiated at the beginning of the year through a call for interest.

The management committee of the Hub, composed of representatives of the WaterJPI, Water4All, ANR (France), TACR (Czech Republic), the BiodivRestore secretariat, and the BiodivRestore coordinator, met later on to discuss applications and select experts for the Hub. Selected experts come from BiodivRestore-funded projects as well as Green Deal projects (MERLIN, REST-COAST, SUPERB, WATERLANDS) and other relevant projects, including ongoing projects funded under Biodiversa, the LIFE Programme, and Horizon2020/Horizon Europe.

Experts are divided into two task forces, each supporting a different function. The first, the implementation task force, will work on "Strengthening the knowledge base on restoration targets and needs, based on a needs-driven approach." The second, the R&I task force, will work on "Advancing the R&I agenda."

During the two-day meeting, experts worked on advancing and designing their work plan for the remainder of the BiodivRestore Action and determining activities to support the implementation of restoration efforts at national and international levels.

WaterJPI and Water4All participated in the launch and presented their own endeavors and activities in which task forces would participate and help build, including strategies for living labs. In the coming months, the BiodivRestore Knowledge Hub experts will fine-tune the work plan to launch their first activities and develop funding solutions.

biodivrestore knowledge hub.jpg