Latest news on SD-WISHEES

Sd Wishees Knowledge hub (KH)

At the last General Assembly in November 2023 in Paris, the SD WISHEES consortium proposed to set up a Task Force for the launch of a KH, which will bring together mainly scientific experts in the fields of extreme hydroclimatic events and cultural heritage. The task force team is currently organizing the details of this KH, and will try to link it to other KH activities already launched in order to increase the overall impact of the network. The KH will focus on intangible cultural heritage, which despite its social importance, has not received much attention from previous initiatives.

Sd Wishees TAP action

In parallel with the set-up of the KH, partners keep on working on the launch of a TAP - Thematic Annual Programming action, which will be officially launched in January 2025. The ultimate purpose of the TAP is to  facilitate the alignment and coordination of national research programs through  the creation of a network of projects funded at the national level. All the projects selected for the TAP will focus on the same theme i.e. the impact of hydroclimatic extreme events on cultural heritage, either tangible (monuments, buildings, works of art, etc.), intangible (traditions, language, knowledge, etc.) or natural (landscapes, biodiversity, etc.).

So far four countries have confirmed their interest in the instrument (France, Moldova, Romania and Serbia) and discussions are ongoing with Greece.

National/ regional funding agencies interested in the TAP are invited to contact ANR at:

Participation at the WWF in Bali

SD-WISHEES hosted a workshop during the 10th World Water Forum (WWF) that took place in Bali in May 2024. With the title “Extreme water events and indigenous peoples: how ancestral knowledge can support climate adaptation measures”, the workshop aimed at creating awareness about the link between extreme water events and the effects on our cultural heritage. It counted with the participation from UNESCO and indigenous leaders from Nepal and Canada.