2018 Water JPI workshop Strategies for International Cooperation


The Water Joint Programming Initiative (JPI), as part of its supporting EU-funded Coordination Support Action IC4Water, is looking at opportunities to develop a common strategy for International Cooperation with other European Initiatives.
To progress this work, the Water JPI is organising a workshop on Strategies for International Cooperation, which will be held at the Dermo Center on the 19th September 2018 in Vienna, Austria.
This first workshop is targeted at the other International Initiatives (e.g. FACCE, PRIMA), Policy-makers and other relevant stakeholders to discuss the current State of Play of International Cooperation and exchange views & share experiences to identify common barriers as well as common practices.
There will be a number Initiatives represented giving detail on their work and including talks from DG Research and Innovation, UN-Water and the Groupe de Programmation Conjointe (GPC). A Summary Report from a survey undertaken by EPA Ireland on the Current State of Play has been circulated to those who have registered for the event.
The outcomes of the workshop discussions, will provide the next steps to progress this important work and also inform the second workshop to take place in 2019, which will be targeted at the
Research community engaging in the Joint Actions implemented by the initiatives involving International Cooperation.


Chair: Durk Krol (Water supply & sanitation Technology Platform)

08.30am-09.00am Registration &Coffee



Welcome / Aim of the workshop

Dominique Darmendrail (Water JPI Coordinator)

 09.15am-10.30am 5-minute introduction from each Initiative (All)
 10.30am-10.50am  Coffee Break



GPC’s views on International Cooperation

Leonidas Antoniou (Chair of the GPC)



DG Research’s views on International Cooperation

Panagiotis Balabanis (DG Research and Innovation)



The 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals – Why is international Cooperation needed?

Federico Properzi (Chief Technical Adviser for UN-Water)

 11.50am-12.15pm Group Discussion
 12.15pm-12.30pm Overview of the Afternoon Break Out Discussions
 12.30pm-01.30pm Lunch




Break-out Discussions

Break-out Discussions – 1: Discussion of why is this needed?
Break-out Discussions – 2: Common Experiences – Key Lessons Learned
Break-out Discussions – 3: Common Barriers & Possible solutions

 03.30pm-03.45pm Coffee Break
 04.15pm-04.30pm Recap of the Break-out Discussions (Rapporteurs)



Introduction of next steps and to Workshop-2

Alice Wemaere (Water JPI)