A report on the water research and innovation mapping exercise, included in WP 2 of WatEUr, was finalized and delivered to the European Commission at the end of December 2014. 108 organisations responded to the questionnaires, aiming at facilitating a better understanding of the European water-related RDI landscape. The survey results are accompanied by a bibliometric analysis to provide an inventory of national and regional research strategies, policies and programmes. A preliminary strategic analysis of the current water research strengths, weaknesses, gaps and barriers to cooperation and alignment of agendas is also included. A synthesis of this report will be published soon on the Water JPI website.
The WP 3 partners in charge of carrying out the consultation process which will contribute to version 2.0 of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) met in Brussels on 15th January. They focused their discussions on the identification of new water research and innovations which need to be taken into consideration for the updated version of the SRIA and on the organization of a second consultative workshop involving water experts and stakeholders. Special attention was devoted to the analysis of the first draft of the questionnaire designed for a public consultation on the themes and subthemes of the Water JPI SRIA. The aim of this public consultation, which will be launched soon, is to collect comments on the relevance, urgency and socioeconomic impacts of the already identified water RDI needs and suggestions on new possible demands. The new version of SRIA will be completed by the end of this first coordination and support action.
Coordinators and partners of the new transnational collaborative science projects of the Pilot Call will meet together with the representatives of the funding organizations on 11th March 2015 in Brussels, at the kick-off meeting on the topic “Emerging water contaminants-anthropogenic pollutants and pathogens”. The seven consortia, named FRAME, MOTREM, PROMOTE, METAWATER, PERSIST, StARE and TRACE, will present their monitoring, assessment, treatment methodologies, tools and processes. The project management rules will also be discussed with the members of the funding agencies.
The sixth meeting of the Governing Board is scheduled for next 12th March in Brussels. The main issue on the agenda will be the renewal of the Scientific and Technical Board and of the Stakeholders Advisory Board, according to new terms of reference which have been adopted following internal discussions.
Last but not least, an updated factsheet on the Water JPI is downloadable in the communication section of the website as well as a new version of the flyer presenting this EU initiative on water challenges.