Welcome to the website of the JPI on “Water challenges for a changing world” aiming to tackle the ambitious grand challenge of “Achieving sustainable water systems for a sustainable economy in Europe and abroad”. Water is vital and essential for a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Better results and optimization of public funds are obtained through the alignment of water research agendas and programmes at European and international level



Water Work 2017  

Water JPI 2018 Joint Call Now OPEN



The Water JPI 2018 Joint Call on " Closing the Water Cycle Gap – Sustainable Management of Water Resources " launched within the frame of the WaterWorks2017 ERANET and co-funded by organizations of the Water JPI officially OPENED on 19 February 2018.

The scope of this call covers, in particular, the Water JPI Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA 2.0) Theme 5 “Closing the Water Cycle Gap – Improving Sustainable Water Resources Management”.

Proposals submitted under this call must address at least one of the following themes:

  • Enabling sustainable management of water resources,
  • Strengthening socio-economic approaches to water management, and
  • Supporting tools for sustainable integrative management of water resources.

The Water JPI 2018 Joint Call will be funded by 20 Funding Partner Organisations (FPOs) from the following 18 countries: Belgium, Brazil, Cyprus, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Israel, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain, South Africa, Sweden and Tunisia, and with the support of the European Commission. The total estimated budget for this call for projects is 19.3 M€.

 A webinar with a live stream presentation of the Water JPI 2018 Joint Call is scheduled for the next 12 March 2018, in order to present the scope of the call, research topics, and guidelines for applicants. The presentation will be organised by the Joint Call Secretariat (FORMAS, Sweden) with the collaboration of the Coordination Team of WaterWorks2017 (ANR, France).

The first step of this call will close on 24 April 2018 at 17:00 CEST, whereas the second step of this call will close on 18 September 2018 at 17 CEST. More details on the Call webpage.


Water JPI  International Conference on, Emerging pollutants in freshwater ecosystems

Water jpi 2018 conference

Call for Abstract Still Open!
The Academy of Finland will organise the second Water JPI Conference in Helsinki on 6–7 June 2018, back-to-back with the Final Review of the seven funded projects under the Water JPI Pilot Call. The aim of the international conference is to attract 200 experts in Emerging Pollutants to meet and discuss common challenges and share their recent discoveries and knowledge.

The call for abstracts is now open! To have your abstract considered for acceptance, please submit it by the end of February 2018 through the Water JPI Conference registration system available here.



Public Surveys for Designing Platforms on Water Related Infrastructures and Mobility Schemes

The Water JPI has identified Mobility and Infrastructures, as other relevant instruments, in order to support the Water JPI community and its network. Mobility actions and research infrastructures can involve capacity transfer of individual persons working or visiting a place, which is not the one they belong to (e.g. foreign Institutes, other sectors), or even the exchange of larger groups (e.g. between research infrastructures). The European Commission already has funding instruments for such actions (e.g. ESFRI or Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions), but the support for mobility of researchers, students and staff from water-related entities, or the access to infrastructures could also be strengthened at all levels if more information were available.

In order to improve the current situation, the implementation of two platforms is planned:

  • Mobility schemes: this platform will aim to boost the cooperation of the researchers within Europe and beyond as stated in the Water JPI SRIA by providing information on existing mobility funding schemes;
  • Infrastructures and observatories: this platform will aim to optimize transnational cooperation and competition, access to scientific knowledge, results and activities of existing research infrastructures.

In order to identify the needs of the stakeholders and set priorities for the implementation of both platforms, the two surveys are now available on-line. To help us designing our platforms, please fill out the online surveys for Mobility and Infrastructures by 28 February 2018!


Water JPI Newsletter Online Quality Survey

Seven years after the first issue of the Water JPI Newsletter (1st November 2010) and its renewal in 2016, the Water JPI is issuing a survey to determine the satisfaction level and seeking suggestions on this communication tool. This consultation with the Water JPI Newsletter readers is part of our ongoing improvement process and its objective is to collect the views and analyse the level of satisfaction.
You can contribute to the survey by completing the online questionnaire!

In order to allow us to better understand your position, you are also welcome to elaborate on your answers in the dedicated text boxes included for this purpose. The survey is open until the 9th March 2018. Please note that this survey has been drafted for information and consultation purposes only.


JPI Joint Statement, November 2017

In the light of the upcoming discussions regarding the future framing of research in Europe and strengthening the European Research Area, the ten Joint Programming Initiatives wish to raise your awareness for their jointly developed statement on how to address grand societal challenges in Europe and above.
Read more about the ten JPIs.

Water JPI key achievements 2011-2016

This publication presents the ten main goals achieved by the initiative till now.



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