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Country Start Date Acronym Title
IRELAND 01/01/2014 Catchment Management Support Tools for characterisation and evaluation of programme of measures
IRELAND 04/09/2006 Novel alcohol dehydrogenases for the synthesis of chiral alcohols
IRELAND 01/10/2007 Carbon Nanocages as Environmental Adsorbents
IRELAND 01/04/2007 Total Carbon Balance of a Blanket Peat Catchment
IRELAND 01/04/2007 Integrated Environmental Managment and Monitoring System for Estuarine Ecosystems (Doctoral Studentship)
IRELAND 13/01/2014 Biodiversity richness, water quality management and flood attenuation in natural and constructed wetlands
IRELAND 14/01/2008 Research Specialist, Analysis of GPS Water vapour observations
IRELAND 14/09/2009 Development of novel, environmentally neutral, biodegradable, flocculants and biofilters based on biomass and derivatives for water treatment
IRELAND 01/02/2008 BIOLOGICAL EFFECTS Biological Effects and Chemical Measurements for the Measurements for the Assessment of Pollution in Irish Marine Waters
IRELAND 01/02/2006 Evaluating Microbial Biosensors to Detect PCB Contamination and Degradation in a range of Water/Soil Environments and Conditions


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