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Country Start Date Acronym Title
IRELAND 01/02/2011 High-end computational modelling for wave energy systems
IRELAND 01/03/2011 Towards ocean wave energy-potential quantification from a terrestrially-based seismic observation system (Wave-Obs)
IRELAND 01/04/2010 Mathematical modelling of bacterial growth and water quality in natural and commercial environments
IRELAND 01/02/2008 RESCALE Review and Simulate Climate and Catchment Responses at Burrishoole
IRELAND 30/06/2008 Protection of groundwater resources
IRELAND 01/10/2009 EMOIN: Engineering Metal Oxide Interfaces For Renewable Energy Photocatalysis
IRELAND 01/09/2011 Mechanisms of biofilm mediated fouling on nanofiltration membranes applied to micropollutant removal
IRELAND 01/06/2012 Molecular Microbial Ecology of Ammonia Oxidation in Coastal Bay Sediments
IRELAND 01/11/2001 Regulation and assessment of N-mineralisation in grassland soil
IRELAND 01/07/2013 Biogeochemical Cycling of Carbon and Nutrients in Irish Marine and Estuarine Waters


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