Research Promotion Foundation (RPF)

Funding Agency and Programme Manager

The Research Promotion Foundation (RPF) is the only national research and innovation funding agency of Cyprus. RPF has developed a wide range of activities, which fall under two main categories:
(a) Financing Research Projects through the Design and Launching of the National Competitive Programmes. This activity aims primarily at enhancing research, technological development and innovation (RTDI) in Cyprus and moreover at increasing the critical mass of researchers and research projects undertaken in Cyprus. The main instruments for achieving these goals involve the launching of competitive programmes developed and monitored by RPF. The related funds come from the Cyprus Government budget and, as from 2007, from the Structural Funds of the European Union.
Since 2003, the Foundation has created an umbrella for its National Programmes, the “National Framework Programme for Research, Technological Development and Innovation” (DESMI in Greek).
As a Programme Owner, the Foundation has been in involved in a number of ERA-NET projects since the 6th Framework Programme and in a number of Joint Programming Initiatives.
(b) Promoting the Participation in European Research and Innovation Programmes and other Initiatives. The Foundation is responsible for the participation of Cypriot organisations and scientists in European research and innovation programmes (Framework Programme, COST, EUREKA), the cooperation with international organisations supporting research activities and the preparation and implementation of bilateral RTD agreements / protocols between Cyprus and other countries. The RPF has the overall responsibility for the coordination of activities relating to the Horizon 2020 Programme (as it has been doing since 1999: 5th, 6th and 7th Framework Programmes). It coordinates the network of National Contact Points and representatives of Cyprus in the various Programme Committees, provides information, organises information days and provides advice and customised assistance to researchers. RPF has also been actively involved in a number of EC funded projects, including various NCP projects.




Role in Water JPI activities

Governing Board representative - voting member


Role in Water JPI activities

Governing Board representative - Technical Advisor
Coordination / Leadership / Partner in the different types of activities.
Participation in supporting projects: WaterWorks2014, WaterWorks2015, WaterWorks2017, and the CSA IC4Water, and funding partner in the Pilot Call, 2015 Joint Call, 2016 Joint Call and 2017 Joint Call

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